Away For The Day: Personal Electronic/Cell Phone Policy


April 2019


Hello River Valley Families!


I want to let you know about an important school policy change starting the final quarter of the 2019 school year. River Valley Middle School will be a cell phone free zone. As a result, students will be asked to turn off their phones and keep them in their lockers. This policy will also include, but is not limited to smartwatches. This is a change from our previous policy which asked cell phones not been seen in classrooms. Students were allowed to check phones during passing periods and could also have them out in the cafeteria. This will no longer be allowed.  We are starting the last quarter with this new cell phone policy due to cell phones being banned from testing rooms. Teachers, staff and administration will be sharing these expectations on Monday, April 15.


As a technology forward school, River Valley wants to help teach and promote appropriate digital citizenship. Our school staff has overwhelmingly agreed that a consistent school-wide policy to bar cell phone use during the hours of 8:00-3:00 will help students stay more present and engaged in their learning. The intent is to support students in their academic success, removing a major temptation and distraction, and promoting face to face social interaction and connection. Teachers have repeatedly observed that even with our previous policy of no cell phones in classrooms, students that have their device with them, struggle to resist the urge to check every time they receive a notification. Studies tell us that it can take the brain up to ten minutes to reengage after responding to a cell phone distraction.


If you should need to contact your student during the school day please call the main office at 812-288-4848. For more information please visit or contact Mrs. Dyer or Mr. Cox.


Thank you,

Michelle Dyer, RVMS Principal

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