Second Semester Reminders

Students will be switching to their second semester (S2) classes when we return. Some classes like math, language arts, and band are year long so they will stay the same. Any that say S1 next to them on the schedule are now over, like Science and Social Studies. Students will be getting new Impact classes as well, but these will not switch for a few days back so students will need to go to their Impact from Semester 1 when we return to school.

Also, tardies and infractions restart at the beginning of the quarter. Referrals still stay in the system but for Raider Day purposes, a students count for the quarter will start as zero. 3 tardies to a single class results in a referral and 3 infractions in a single class results in a referral. Infractions are basically documented warning for the office to see if students are having problems multiple times a day and try to catch the problem before it escalates to a referral.

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